1, What are tech packs and why do I need them?
Tech packs are the blueprint of your garments and your gateway to accurate production information. Manufacturers use tech packs to calculate fabric consumption, dyeing needs, printing needs, materials needs, styling, fit, and sizing. All of these impact your production costs so without them, you’re leaving your production open to risk of failure in the samples production phase. Also if you don’t have tech packs, you can be cheated when prices are being communicated.

2, Can you make tech packs or technical drawings for me?
No.our network of manufacturers don’t offer any design services. It’s also best if you understand the blueprint of your own garments.

3, I have images of what I want, is that enough to get a quote?
No. We and our manufacturers require detailed tech packs or physical samples sent to us in order to provide you with production costs.

4, I'm not sure how to use TechPacker, can you help?
Our friends at TechPacker have an awesome support team and love helping their customers. Before you contact them directly, have a look through the TechPacker Documentation page for loads of great tips and how-to’s.

5, I don't have tech packs but I do have sketches of my designs, what do I do now?
You’ll need to turn your sketches into clearly drawn supporting images for your tech packs, with corresponding seam measurement lines. But you can still use them.

6, I don't have tech packs but I do have physical samples, what do I do now?
You can either send us your physical samples (with any alteration instructions) or you can take pictures of your samples and edit these images to include your seam measurements, then include them in your tech packs. Once you send your physical samples to us, we will use them to obtain production costs for you. This will take longer than if we have your tech packs but it does make things much easier if you are looking to replicate your samples.

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