1, What is a lead time, what does it mean for me?
Lead Times are the length of time you’ll need to wait in the manufacturer’s production cue before your production can begin. Your specific lead time will begin from the moment your payment is received. We currently works with 53 ethical-verified clothing manufacturers which means there are over 50 different production cues with their own lead times. We’ve seen lead times hover anywhere from 2.5 weeks to 6 weeks. January through March is generally slow, and for the rest of the year everyone is swamped. Get started today!

2, What do I need to consider when determining my production timeframe?

A production timeframe between 1 to 4 weeks is not realistic.

All reputable clothing manufacturers like those in us network are busy as they have other clients that are already producing before you. We often see enquiries coming in with “Urgent” in the subject line. This doesn’t change the fact that your production must be assessed, quoted on, paid for, wait in the existing production cue, then sampled, tested, approved by you, mass produced, quality controlled, bagged and tagged, and finally shipped to you.

There are several factors that impact your production timeframes. These factors include the back-and-forth communication with you regarding your production requirements, time to research and obtain quotes, your speed of providing payments to secure your productions (bank-to-bank transfers can take days), the chosen manufacturer’s lead times, your speed of providing approvals to move production stages forward, pattern making, samples production and testing, the time for mass production and quality control, tagging, bagging, and finally shipping to your location.

We recommend planning well in advance of contacting manufacturers and also allotting extra time for the completion of each stage in your production cycle.

3, What is the average time it takes to make a line of clothing?
Its not easy to answer this question because every production is unique. The complexity of your garments’ styles, the total number of pieces in your order, and the availability of fabrics and materials will all impact your production timeframe. You also need to consider a variety of other factors that can impact your production timeframes, which is highlighted in one of the other FAQs. We’ve had productions range from 1.5 months to 4 months. The only way to know for sure is to send us your tech packs or samples and allow us to calculate your production timeframes.

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