1, How do you ship my finished clothes to me?
Your finished clothes are safely packaged in clear plastic/recycled sleeves, then packed into boxes and prepared for shipment. To order recycled organic sleeves, please visit this Shop page.

2, How do you ship my finished clothes to me?
There is no way to know the answer to this question without first seeing how many boxes, dimensions, and total weight you have to ship. Also, each freight forwarder has its own fees and you need to calculate other factors such as insurance, duties, and taxes which will impact your shipping costs. With sea freight, your minimum volume must be at least 3 cubic metres.

3, How long does it take to ship my finished clothes to me?
It depends on where you live, and which shipping method you need to use. Air freight is faster than sea freight. To give you an example, our clients receive their packages usually between 4 to 10 business days from the shipping date. The fastest we’ve seen is 48 hours door-to-door. Sea freight can take months.

4, Do you offer FOB, CIF, CNF, or Drop-Shipping?
No. Once your second production payment is finalised and your clothes are packed, we will help you arrange your shipping where you must pay directly to the agency you choose. This is called Ex-Works in the shipping industry.

5, I already have a shipping account with DHL / TNT, can I use my account for shipping?
Yes, that’s perfect. All we need is your account number and your shipment details, and we can even arrange your shipment for you.

6, What happens if my shipment gets lost or my garments are damaged during transport?
We guarantees that your garments are securely packed and sent with your chosen shipping company but we do not maintain any responsibility once your packages are out of our premises. It’s highly recommended that you add insurance to your shipments for this exact reason. You’ll need to speak with your shipping agent or freight forwarder for further details about your shipments.

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