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Starting a clothing line is not easy as any one who has done so will tell you. It’s an archaic industry with fragmented workers who are happy to take your money and never deliver. Well despite many having good intentions, they are only 1 small part of a long process of developing a collection. We realized that tens of thousands of aspiring fashion entrepreneurs like you had amazing ideas but no technical expertise to build products that you envisioned. We created our development program to simplify this process and pair you with industry experts that all work under one roof. Now, let’s review the process together:


Fabric Sourcing

We work with eco fabric supplier and high end trims supplier. Our location allows us to have strong connection with biggest fabric and trim market in the world  to source high quality materials and ensure we hit your target price points. 


Size Grading

At the most basic level, grading between sizes is identifying what size you are at the bust, waist and hip (often different) using the measurement charts, and the “joining the lines” between those sizes. Our technical manufacturers can easily grade all your pattern sizes for you.  


Sample Making
Our expert pattern makers engineer the features and fit of each style using the latest pattern makings software. Patterns are the blueprint from which all clothing is made from. Our Sample Makers hand cut and sew your garments with expert detail. Samples are made to test fit and functionality.


Professional QC

To deliver your project within the agreed timeline, our team closely monitors operations to minimize errors. Get the exact products you agreed to, thanks to our strict QC process before fabric is cut, during sewing, during printing, trimming, and final QC before products are shipped.


Global Shipping
In ApparelWin, we have lots of shipping choices for fashion brand. We can ship by sea, air and also express. We can get super discount for you when weight over 21 kg. We also have different shipping channels. We can choose the best for you. Usually, we ship by DHL, 3-5 days to arrive.

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