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Manufacturing Process

ApparelWin helps apparel designers improve quality and delegate global supply chain management.

Each brand works with a personal production manager who is your point of contact throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our production managers provide guidance and support through all stages of apparel manufacturing. They will track and communicate each step of the production process and keep to strict deadlines to deliver the goods. We only partner with brands who have shared success in mind.

Tech Pack

A techpack is a document that outlines the specifications necessary to provide to a factory before a garment is constructed. This document will detail all measurements, grading, fabric, embroidery, printing, etc. to be included in the production of a garment. Having a complete tech pack is beneficial in streamlining the process and avoiding unnecessary contact with the designer to validate small details in production.

ApparelWin offers the service  to our clients. You are allowed to have your factory specifications in-hand whether you're manufacturing at our facilities or with another organization.

Pattern Making

Create a 2D blueprint of your idea. Get a production-ready pattern with face card and sewing instructions. This step in apparel manufacturing not only takes skill, but is very important in creating a tangible representation of your vision. Today, we can digitize this technical request, but also typically create paper patterns too.


Get the specifications for your target customer. Cost is based on number of pattern pieces in the style. With seasoned professionals who do this daily, we are sure to never miss the mark.

Utilize ApparelWin's knowledge of popular sizing depending on the target customer. We strive to deliver a garment that fits perfectly, just as you envisioned. ApparelWin can work within your budget and timeframes, just simply reach out and put our service to the test.

Fabric/Material Sourcing

Source your dream fabric and materials. Wether its technology based, built for hand, or pink polka dot, ApparelWin has access to global options. We aim to continually provide excellent service and clear communication throughout processes such as this one.

Clients will get a chance to review and approve each fabric. As an added value, ApparelWin with disclose its knowledge of each fabric in particualr usages as we continually learn how a fabric stretches, dyes, etc.

We committed to provide latest and freshest fabric information to fashion brands and source fabrics from one of biggest fabric market everyday.

Sampling reduces error and risk, which saves money in the long run. ApparelWin recommends sampling at these three common stages; as always, we strive to streamline this process as much as possible by staying in close communication through every step and delivering quick turnaround times.
Prototype Sampling
You have spent hours creating and preparing your design on paper. Prototype sampling provides you with a tangible representation of your idea to see how your finished garment might look. It is common to have revisions and changes at this stage.
Sales Samples
Sales samples allow you to bring your ideas to buyers without committing to costly inventory. Sales samples give the buyer a full understanding of the available products in your line. Brands utilize sales samples to gauge interest and to write purchase orders before production.
Pre-Production Samples
Pre-production samples showcase exactly what the completed garment will look like in all sizes and styles, including trims, fabrics, and embellishments. This critical step allows brands to verify the sizing and grading before going into full production.

Full Production Manufacturing
With full production manufacturing, ApparelWin is responsible for overseeing quality control and timeliness of your apparel production.

Each new ApparelWin client will work directly with a product life cycle manager (PLM) who will be on call throughout the entire production process. This collaboration lowers your risk, reduces errors, and improves the quality of your line by making sure your plan is executed correctly every step of the way.
ApparelWin production manages the entire product lifecycle, keeping tabs on the available resources, production line and factory efficiencies, and overall quality. Each production manager monitors cotton prices and communicates with our clients about market variables, handle shipping and logistics, and manages the global supply chain. Your personal production manager will keep you updated via tracking numbers and make sure to hit your delivery dates.
Shipping and Logistics
Engage a personal production manager to track and plan your products’ delivery. Wether you need support in International Customs or Domestic Distribution, ApparelWin will deliver the product on time.
Bring Your Garments to Market FASTER! Inquire about domestic production and learn about why manufacturing in ApparelWin is an extremely attractive option.

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