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Custom Package

Start to custom your package.
ApparelWin offer whole clothes package solution 


Everything is completely customizable and engineered for the perfect fit and use you need.

◆ Any Custom Size
◆ Fully Printed & Branded
◆ Boxes, zippered bag , valve bag,

Enhance your current packaging, or have us design something completely new.



Customize your brand boxes

The foldable boxes is the most popular package boxes for its creative design and featured of function of reusable & save space.The size of the boxes depends on what kind of products you specialized in and the type of business. We provide different colors and size options and make your logo on the it. Except the foldable boxes, we can also make regular boxes. We can make small sizes boxes for brands that run lingery line. For some companies that sell clothes, shoes, etc. They tend to give large bags. 

We make all kinds of custom boxes, in all sizes and in the quantity you require, we are manufacturers. You can find them in all kinds of colours and models, and if you don’t find what you need on the site, we will make it for you. Just show us what type u want. We adapt to the needs of each client. 

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Printing customized zipper bags

We only make high quality zipper bag.
We can make ur custom size and print you logo. No matter transparent bag or frosted color bag, we can make for you. As we said before, cloth bags are one of the most effective promotional and merchandising gifts to promote a business or a special event. Therefore, we use the most modern techniques and with the latest technologies to print the logo of your business or what you want to capture. Remember, a printed cloth bag is always a useful and practical object that many people prefer, give them what they want and in returnyou will get as much publicity as possible at a very low cost. Do not hesitate and promote yourself with these advertising bags.

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Printing customized Logo on shopping bags

With new products, packaging can help with brand identification. Consumers may see the new product that is produced by a brand they know and love, and they will try it just because it’s made by that brand. Using the same logo as another product in your brand may call the consumers’ attention to the new product, and they’ll be more apt to buy it because it is familiar.
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Custom shipping bags in style
Custom shipping bags that delight your customers. These lightweight, yet durable, shipping bags can withstand a small typhoon to deliver your goods in style.Our mailers are made from a recyclable, low-density polyethylene material.Custom shipping bags are printed in full color because your unique brand gets the attention it deserves. Our personalized packaging bags for shipping are extremely cheap and you can buy small or bulk quantities.
A peel-&-seal adhesive strip makes shipping a cinch, while the durable padding and water-resistant lining will ensure your goods arrive intact.
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Printing customized your own unique shipping box

Safe shipping of bulk goods. Designed for heavy-weight freights
Safe delivery of bulked goods is at your reach. Corrugated cardboard with a single or double flute provides cushioning for products inside. Don’t risk damages and choose a packaging solution that guarantees safety. Eco-friendly choice, produced from recycled cardboard. Fully recyclable too. It’s a high-performance product made with all-natural materials. Perfect to meet your brand’s eco-friendly standards.

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Custom your personalised tote bags
Personalised tote bags made from a choice of organic cotton or recycled textiles. Function and branding that speaks volumes about your eco mission.
On the high street, online or at events, use these personalised tote bags for all types of products, brands and applications – over and over again. Not just in-store retail. Great for corporate events and subscription packaging.
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