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Custom Package

Start to custom your package.
ApparelWin offer whole clothes package solution 


Everything is completely customizable and engineered for the perfect fit and use you need.

◆ Any Custom Size
◆ Fully Printed & Branded
◆ Boxes, zippered bag , valve bag,

Enhance your current packaging, or have us design something completely new.



Size of our customized cloth bags 

The size of the customized cloth bag will depend on the type of business and the sector. In case of selling small products, the recommended ones are small bags, but comfortable where the person can put your products and also serve them for day to day. Some companies that sell clothes, shoes, etc. They tend to give large bags. This recommendation also works for businesses that give away shopping bags.

At Design Bags we make all kinds of custom fabric bags, in all sizes and in the quantity you require, we are manufacturers. You can find them in all kinds of colours and models, and if you don’t find what you need, we will make it for you. We also have folding bags. We adapt to the needs of each client. When developing a merchandising campaign, we take into account the essential details: the colours, the logo and the size to be used.


Printing customized cloth bags

We carry out sublimation, screen printing and transfer technique for printing customized bags. As we said before, cloth bags are one of the most effective promotional and merchandising gifts to promote a business or a special event. Therefore, we use the most modern techniques and with the latest technologies to print the logo of your business or what you want to capture. Remember, a printed cloth bag is always a useful and practical object that many people prefer, give them what they want and in return you will get as much publicity as possible at a very low cost. Do not hesitate and promote yourself with these advertising bags.

Printing customized Logo on your packages

With new products, packaging can help with brand identification. Consumers may see the new product that is produced by a brand they know and love, and they will try it just because it’s made by that brand. Using the same logo as another product in your brand may call the consumers’ attention to the new product, and they’ll be more apt to buy it because it is familiar.


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