1, What are your control methods?
We and our manufacturers conduct QC on a weekly basis during any project. Most of our manufacturers QC every completed garment, whereas a few of our manufacturers QC 75% of completed garments by choosing garments randomly within each batch.

2, What if one or more of my pieces has errors, what can I do ?
If you notice any of your pieces have errors, you need to contact us within 7 days of receiving your shipment. The first thing you need to do is send us images or a video showing the errors in detail. From this, our manufacturers can determine whether you require a repair or full replacement of the specific piece(s).

3, Can you conduct an audit of my completed clothing even if you wasn't the company that made my clothes?
Yes, we understand that sometimes you just want an unbiased set of eyes to review the work of your manufacturer. We have a special service designed just for these situations, operated by our meticulous staff. Visit our Quality Control page for more information.

4, If you conducts an audit of my manufacturer's work, how will I know the outcome?
At the end of every audit, your QC Project Manager will send you an in-depth report and analysis of our findings. These detailed reports include the total number of pieces reviewed, measurements to match against your technical specifications, number of pieces with errors, images of each error uploaded to Google Drive, and a final written assessment.

5, I want to work alongside your manufacturers, can I do this?
No. Our manufacturers are some of the busiest in the region and their preference is not to work alongside designers. Also, other designers can easily be exposed to the risk of design theft, called “design exposure”. In an effort to mitigate this risk, Our project managers work on your behalf.

6, How are my clothes going to be packaged?
Our manufacturers provide clear plastic sleeves to individually pack garments. We’re also proud to provide recycled eco-sleeves that can be printed on and are biodegradable, compostable, and disposable. Visit our Shop page to learn more.

7, Does you only make clothes for humans or can you produce clothes for pets?
At this time we and our manufacturers only produce clothing for humans.

8, Can you customise clothing as and when my customers buy them from my website?
No. This is called “on-demand” production. Our manufacturers only produce via MOQs (minimum order quantities) which you must meet.
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