1, Can you source fabrics and materials for me?
Yes. We can source just about anything you need.

2, Can you provide care labels, woven labels, and swing tags?
Yes. Simply lets us know in your tech packs what you need, the dimensions, graphics design files, etc. and we’ll source and project manage the production of your labels and tags for you.

3, What is the range of fabrics you have access to?
We have access to most fabrics that are available in the world.we can source fabrics asyour requirements

4, Are you able to source sustainable fabrics such as Tencel?
Yes. There are a variety of sustainable fabrics available through our suppliers. Please let us know what you’re looking for.

5, Are you able to source Carvico's recycled Lycra?
Yes. We currently already work with the region’s only verified supplier that stocks Carvico’s Vita Xtra Life Lycra and a few other types of their fabric.

6, Can you send me fabric swatches from your suppliers?
Yes. Suppliers charge for swatches. If you would like swatches to be sent to you, we will need you to tell us what fabric you need, send us supporting images for inspiration, and provide your address. We will prepare an invoice that covers the costs of the swatches and shipping for you.

7, I only want to print fabric, can you do this for me?
Yes. We can source your fabric and project manage the printing as well.

8, Can you help produce a specific fabric or blend for me?
Yes. Fabric production happens in the main textile mills across . If you want a producer to make a specific fabric or blend for you, we can project manage this for you but expect your MOQs to start at 3,000 kgs.
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