1, How can I receive a production quote?
The only way to receive a production quote is by sending us your detailed tech packs or sending us physical samples of garments you want to replicate.

2, How long does it take to get a production quote?
If manufacturers aren’t that tied up, it can take less than a few hours. But if it’s peak production season, it can take a few days. Also keep in mind that the more accurate your tech packs are, the easier it is for us to provide you with quotes. If you’ve sent samples, we will need to physically take your samples from one manufacturer to another, this can take over a week.

3, How long is my quote valid for?
Quotes are valid for 30 days from the day we send your quote to you. Once you approve your quoted production costs, our manufacturers will honour this production cost for up to one year.

4, Are there any setup costs for printing or dyeing?
Some of our manufacturers charge a nominal setup fee during samples production for digital printing, embroidery, screen printing, or dyeing
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