1, I'm not LOCAL TO LA, can we still work together? How does that work?
Yes! We  work with fashion brands all  around the world. If we are sourcing for you we make it very simple. Two identical fabric & trim books are created and well labeled. One is sent to you, and the second stays with us. Once you receive your materials, you’ll hop on the phone with our sourcing specialists to review and select your materials.

2, How long does product development take?
Product Development time can vary drastically depending on how much information the brand brings to us.
One way to increase speed and efficiency is to know exactly which styles you will be producing, have clear information on your desired fit as well as artwork files vectorized and ready to be sent for printing or label creation. If you have specific deadlines for your development, make sure to let us know and we will map out a timeline for completion together. Its best to be proactive and leave yourself with at least two months for development of a collection. Rushing something creative is never a good idea.

3, What does the program enrollment fee cover?

The Program Enrollment Fee covers constant communication with an on-call production manager as well as these items below:

Onboard Meeting, Discovery, Idea Consultation, Resource allocation

Review sample styles, construct BOM (Bill of Materials)

Consolidate fixed and variable costs to provide a forecasted production price per style.

Pattern review & directives for Pattern Maker

Continued project management & process facilitation with Company, Pattern Makers, Sample Makers, and Fabric Specialists.Access to lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) for production. (<250 units/style)

4, Do you conduct dye or print tests?
Yes. Test dyeing is generally conducted on 1 kg of fabric. For digital or screen print testing, our manufacturers usually test 1m of fabric. You can request to have these test fabrics sent to you for review, just let us know.

5,Can you provide size grading for all my sizes?
Yes. Once a sample in one size is confirmed as correct, and you confirm your production, then the manufacturer will do your size grading.

6, Can I get a sample of my clothes made in every size?
No. Manufacturers produce one sample of each style in one size. Once you’ve reviewed and approved the samples, their sizes will be graded in preparation for mass production.
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