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What type of elastic band you wanna make?

◆ Printing logo band
◆ Woven logo band
◆ Knit logo band
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Do u know the differences of them?

Printing logo band
This type of logo band is can made by many different material and the logo is print on it. When you wanna make a logo band, first thing is to decide the materials that made of the logo band. You know It can be either stretchy logo band or non stretchy logo band.
This kind of logo band have bit more requirement than knit. When it comes to coherent pattern or multiple color, It will increase the mistake of printing.

Woven logo band
For woven logo band, the pattern is woven into the material.
The advantage of this type of logo band is the pattern won’t fade no matter how many times you wash it.


Knit logo band
Customized Knitting logo band.
It means making you logo band with the way that make a knit sweaters. This type is the most special one which have the best elasticity.

However, it is also charge more than the other two.


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