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The Classification of Knit Fabric

The basic fabric

Denim is generally made of cotton yarn with twill organization using yarn-dyed weaving process of cloth, which belongs to a kind of cotton twill. Mainly to cotton, cotton-polyester blend, cotton ammonia blend these three kinds of mainly, the higher the content of spandex, the better. 

The denim fabric has excellent wear resistance, and the fabric quality is relatively compact, the cloth surface has a relatively clear grain, can be used for jeans, denim coats, and other products.

Fabric structure for two upper and lower twill, 45° left inclined cotton fabric. Twill lines are evident on the front and less so on the back of variegated twill. The number of warp and weft yarns is close, the warp density is slightly higher than the weft density, and the feel is softer than khaki.

There are white, bleached, and variegated types of twill cloth, commonly used for uniforms, sportswear, sports shoes, emery cloth, and backing material.

The scientific name of nylon is nylon, and the chemical name is "polyester amine fiber".Nylon is the world's earliest synthetic fiber, its excellent performance, rich raw material resources, so that has been used up to now.

Nylon has excellent tensile resistance and wears resistance. Many storm suits or waterproof suits on the market will be made of nylon.
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