The Classification of Knit Fabric,OUR SERVICE
The Classification of Knit Fabric

The basic fabric


The jersey is made up of continuous loops of tissue. Its texture is light and thin, with good elongation, elasticity, and air permeability, which can absorb sweat well and make it cool and comfortable to wear.

In order to design summer wear with the undershirt, there are round neck shirts, turtleneck shirts, vests, and other styles.


Rib knitted fabrics are knitted fabrics that consist of a single yarn forming loops in longitudinal rows on the front and back in turn.
Rib knitted fabrics have the releasability, edge curling, and extension of plain weave fabric, as well as greater elasticity. 

It usually used to make necklines, cuffs, hem, etc. of shirts and trousers, as well as to make undershirts, vests, sportswear, stretch shirts, etc.

The terry is a kind of knitted fabric. In weaving, some yarns appear as loops on the rest of the fabric in a certain proportion and stay on the surface of the fabric, called terry fabric.

Terry fabric is usually thicker, the looped part can accommodate more air, because this has warmth, use at autumn winter clothing things more. The wool ring can be processed into flannelette after drawing, which has a lighter and softer feel and better thermal performance.
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