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Want to get more dicounts from ApparelWin?
Want to make sample in Apparelwin free of charge?  Want to build deeper business relationshio with us?



Be our ambassador, you can not only get numerous discount, but also get the latest infomation of fabric and trims or new crafts from ApparelWin.

Fashion Ambassador is member of ApparelWin Fashion Community. We deliver fashion inspiration and production solution to high end fashion brands. 

 mailCustomer recommendation mechanism

 1. 10 USD discount for sample fee —— if recommend client who place sample order in ApparelWin.
 2. Get free sample within 120usd on Apparelwin —— If recommend client who place bulk order  in ApparelWin. (The bigger the order, the bigger offer for free sample)
Ambassador Card
ApparelWin sincerely invite you to join us. Every ambassador of us will be given an ambassador card which include a specific QR code.
When you wanna recommend ApparelWin to the others, just show him/she your ambassordor card and invite them to scan your QR code. 

Once clients who scan the code and place order in ApparelWin, we will know and reach to certain ambassador immediately. 

Except various discount, be ApparelWin Ambassador, you can get newest fabric information and the first-hand data of all new arrival of ApparelWin style and promotions.kiss

Every ambassador is the most important client of us, we will provide the best service to you. Looking forward to your join. 

How To Become Ambassador of Us?

Follow are 3 simple requirement to be our Ambassadors. You just have to satisfy one of them then you can be ApparelWin Ambassador.

1. You are a clients of ApparelWin and have placed bulk order reach 5000usd in ApparelWin. 
2. You have recommend a client who placed order reach 5000usd in ApparelWin.
3. You have more than 30,000 fans in social media no matter Instagram, Youtube or Snapchat. etc.

Looking forward for your join!






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