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Combined puff printing process

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Premium Puff Printing

As you can see from the image, you can create different looks when using puff printing for t-shirt by the width of puff ink in the design.
The Puff ink we use for t-shirt printing is created by mixing a foaming agent to our waterbased ink base that expands when heat is applied to the printed t-shirt.
The puff printed fabrics have an attractive appearance at first glance and highlights the 3D sense of design,soft and fluffy feel.


This picture is also presented with the puff printing process.

First with white and blue as the base color, in the third layer, leting the foam paste leak in the stencil to form the final small bubble.
Make the pattern more special and more layered,which can better let others remember your brand and helps your custom design pop off the garment.

This is another style of puff printing, the pattern is like embroidery,
but it is really made by the puff printing.

The designer cleverly used the process made of this different visual pattern.
If you like this effect, contact us and we will give you a better solution according to your design.


This kind of garment uses the pulling glue printing to make the design concept is highlighted,
the pattern of the mountain range is shown,making the pattern more 3D.

If your design has mountains,trees and other natural patterns,
you can use this process to present your design to make your design more in line with reality.

The small accessories/ objects add fun to this garment,
highlighting the story of the design and adding flair to the design.

You can use such small items on children's clothing and more cheerful designs.
And you can order it directly on our website and there is no minimum order quantity.We can sew it directly on the garment for you!

We can visually see from the pictures that this garment utilizes a combination of DTG and embroidery processes.

The difficulty lies is in the position request and will occur quantity issue,
cause this process first printing and then embroidery,when embroidered on the clothes,needle will destroy the printing service.
It is easy to have defective rate, but trust us to control the quality strictly and reduce the defective rate to the minimum.

If you want to make large patterns of more than 3 colors ,DTG is more cost-effectiv way.
Through the embroidery process,some patterns are highlighted by different colors to give a shock.

Using the color clash and combination process on your design to highlight your design concept.

Although it is only a simple pattern,but in a special situation,reflective printing make your design more attractive and deepen the impression of your customers.
Adding more a sense of fun,it is not just a piece of clothing,but also a trend of fashion.

The pattern used the embossing process,the pattern will be ironed on the clothes.
So it will increase the risk of damaging the fabric.

And a reminder, if you want to do this effect, try to choose a smaller size,simpler logo,so that it will be more cost-effective,
not only can be your clothes look cooler,but also with less cost to highlight the concept of your design.

How can you make your design more qualitative and increase the price of a single piece of clothing?
If you want,you can make a different choice in the process,so that reflect your design through details.

This garment is made the crack printing process,you can see part of the pattern use the cracking effect,
increasing the details of the motifs.

The shape of each batch of cracks will be different, not the goods are not the right version.


Whether from the visual or touchable sense,using some process to make your logo more textured, and output your own culture through the logo.


The same simple letters printing are used elsewhere,but we will give you a different feel.

Through the process of embroidery plus our research and development of the surface pattern,so that the letters become more extraordinary.
When you touch the surface you will be amazed.

Compared with vintage washes, vintage snow washes have more uneven patterns.     

This process makes the clothes look more personal and with some vintage feeling,
giving people a kind of street culture fashion.

These pants look simple,but they have details everywhere.
As you can see from the image below,there is also a detail that is used in different colors to highlight the bartack ,which purpose is to strengthen the location of easy to break.

Additional irregular pockets,making the pockets more layered and not awkward to carry more things.


Through the color clash and different fabrics to form a contrast,highlighting the texture and design of the clothes.

The print on the pants is made by inconspicuous embroidery positioning,laser embroidery patch and patch embroidery.

We recommend that you try not to make the bifurcate in your design, because it will increase your design costs.

The highlight of these pants is the use of color clashing design and the addition of reflective inserts.
We suggest that you can add your own brand logo to the color clashing part,which can easily show your brand logo and let customers deepen your brand impression.
Remember, Do not repeat your logo band,just simple.

These jeans are very special, with different fabrics and processes to highlight the personality of the denim.

There are also different clothes interrogation bits in the leg of the pants,which are intended to shape the legs.

There are details everywhere in the clothes, reflecting the trend of fashion
Our company also has an electronic version of fashion trends brochure, so you can get more fashion advice, inspire your designs,
increase your brand influence and make your brand more valuable.If you want to know more, you can check out previous issues of Fashion Trends.

If you want to know more , contact us and you can download the brochure for free.   

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