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How to negotiate minimum order quantities

If you’re looking for a supplier for the first time, you're going to quickly learn about minimum order quantities (MOQs).

What to Wear in the Great Outdoors

It’s the time of year when the leaves are turning and the air is getting noticeably crisper.

How can I create a fashion brand line?

Conceive of your designs. You can use drawings, photos of inspiration garments or existing garments you want to alter and reproduce.

How do you promote a clothing line?

In this Modern Century people cling to the Internet to answer their questions, their inspirations and to stay updated.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the process by which businesses of all sizes cultivate recognition their products and services. Companies cultivate brand awareness through messaging, design, social media, ads, and more.

How to Take a Content-First Approach to Grow Your Fashion Brand

We’ve all heard the adage, “we buy from those we know, like, and trust.” This piece of wisdom has been true for ages. But it’s becoming more relevant today than ever before. What do I mean by that?

How to Build an Online Presence That Leads to Making Sales

Your wholesale business is booming, sell-through is good, and reorders are coming in. Now it’s time to capitalize on the demand for your brand and bring a portion of your sales direct to consumer. A great first step in building your direct to consumer bu

How Do I Create a Plan for Soft Launch Marketing in My Business?

Dear StartUp FASHION, I’m working on a soft launch of my line. I’m struggling with what soft launch marketing looks like. How do you structure a marketing strategy for a soft/beta launch?

The Designer of International Jewelry Brand Rienne Creations Shares Her Story

Learning from early-stage designers is a good thing. Sharing the story of recent mistakes and the first successes is just as useful. Learning from a professional, someone who has built an international jewelry brand, is as good as gold, since someone like

Bea László, Creator of Womenswear Brand BEANGO Shares Her Story

This is the story of Bea, the founder of the brand Beango. A Transylvanian-born Hungarian designer now based in Budapest, she’s come a long way to get where she is today; an award-winning designer selling her creations to an international clientele.

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