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Why the Global Market is Important for Business Growth and Where to Start

When we think about global marketplaces so many reference points come up, from manufacturing in India, to sourcing leather in Argentina, to selling at a boutique in Japan.

Fashion Business Owner Musings: Why Should I Bother?

When it comes to business advice, there’s a lot of talk about creating something special. About how it’s important to find ways to stand out. And why you can’t just be another fashion brand or designer if you expect to have customers.

Why and How Updating Your Branding Will Help You Grow Your Business

Change is scary for some people. That's understandable; when something is working, why change it? Why risk screwing everything up? Change has the potential to take all that you know and all that you’re comfortable with and totally flip it upside down.

Trust Yourself More Than You Do

As business owners we’re always looking for advice. That’s OK, it’s expected. And seeking advice shows that we are working hard to do the best job we can.

Three Things Fashion Designers Need to Launch Like a Boss

The launch. An important time for fashion designers. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Marketing, planning, financing…what do you do and when?

Fashion Business Owner Musings: Start with the Life You Want, Then Build Your Business

While speaking at an event in NYC called Fashion Founders, I was asked to share a piece of advice with the audience of both aspiring and growing fashion entrepreneurs sitting in front of me. This is pretty popular question to ask a speaker and the long li

The New Fashion Business Model

I'm all about the New Fashion Business Model. Working with independent brands so closely has shown me what is possible when we take our ability to reach our goals solely into our own hands.

FASHION BUSINESS ADVICE Fashion Business Owner Musings: Don’t Let Your Failures Haunt You

When something doesn’t work, it haunts me. I know this isn’t good. I can’t let failed attempts at things get to me. I should be better at just shaking it off and moving on. I’m trying, but I’m not 100% there yet.

5 Things Emerging Designers Often Believe They Need But Actually Don’t

There are few things that I hear over and over again, from designers who so badly want to grow their businesses but inadvertently are waiting for someone else to help them do that. So I’ve decided to call attention to them and I’m not going to sugar coat

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