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Fashion Week

Meet Your Small Order
                                                                                   -- Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring & Summer 2015

At Hong Kong Fashion Week, the Asia's largest fashion event offering a fantastic spread of the very latest in apparel, ApparelWin strats its journey in public. ApparelWin provides Apparel Sourcing Solution that can save buyer's sourcing cost and improve sourcing efficiency. "We saw a real demand on connecting with manufacturing end of things in Asia with interested parties worldwide in an honest and productive way,” buyer David said.                


"MEET YOUR SMALL ORDER" attracts lots of buyers expecially most of fashion designers, who are always looking for suppliers who can provide small order production for theire apparel designs to promote their brand. “Meet Your Small order and focus on original design is our highlight in the future development”  mentioned by Jason, the CEO of ApparelWin.  Apparelwin aims to meet the market's requirements, so we claim an evolution--The need for small order and zero stock will happen in the future.

During fashion week, many manufacturers show their support and appreciation to the business philosophy of ApparelWin. One textile manufacturer said,“ I am really impressed by their ambition-to let everyone in the world wearing the garment manufactured by ApparelWin, and they try to change the traditional apparel industry in china”. ApparelWin takes the mission to help most Chinese apparel manufactueres with advanced technique and high capacity in production to survive from the industry competition and express Chinese excellent manufacturing culture around the world.
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