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Apparel Souring Solution

Apparelwin provides Apparel Souring Solution to help clients Save Cost and Improve Sourcing Efficiency. We take care of every steps in fabric sourcing,sampling,production,quality control and delivery. By employing both analytics tools and models based on our deep experience, we design optimum solutions for our clients. We develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans to manage anticipated risks. Our technique systems provide efficiency and tracking visibility across every aspect of our clients' supply chains.

Personal Responsible Manager
Each ApparelWin client will work directly with a personal responsible manager that will be on-call throughout the entire souring process. This person is there to provide you professional suggestions on product information and guide you through the sampling and production process during the exceptional communication to make sure your job gets done right.
Flexible Supply Chain
Holding the core business philosophy of fast, security and high quality, ApparelWin has the Flexible Supply Chain from designing, manufacturing to shipment. Most Chinese excellent manufacturers with ability to ODM&OEM, to change the order of operation executed as a part was gathered under ApparelWin. These factories include Textile, Embroidery, Printing and Dyes Workshop.
Careful Order Management

Work with ApparelWin for production, we keep you informed of the status of your order on a continual basis. We creat CRM system and online tracing system to keep you in the loop every step of the way.


Our Competitive Strength lies in our people, who work closely with international clients to anticipate their needs and develop solutions to meet or exceed their expectations. Projects of promoting flexible manufacturing and branding programs for apparel designers and entrepreneurs are in progeress. We expect to help our clients around the world have more choices for apparel sourcing. 
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